What WEBSITE would you recommend for a classroom teacher?

Let’s say you could recommend ONE and ONE ONLY website to a teacher to use with a class. The kind of ‘sure fire winner’ that not only engages the imagination but also the thinking? What would be your one pick?


35 thoughts on “What WEBSITE would you recommend for a classroom teacher?

      • Hi Ruth,
        Couldn’t agree with you more regarding Google Sites. Our school has recently adopted Google Apps for Education, and the sheer excitement experienced by students who are creating websites to use as e-portfolios for assignments and other evidence of learning is simply brilliant!

      • Thanks Keith
        I know Ruth and she will be delighted that her posting has received a response.
        I will email you a great link Monday as thanks

  1. Arthur from Switzeland via Facebook sends this Dear Mark,
    As a science teacher, my favourite and most used website in classroom is http://www.heavens-above.com.
    You select your location from a database or by coordinates und immediately can see when to watch next time the intetnational space sta…
    See more

  2. Love these wee Web 2.0 tools:
    An online journal that isn’t a public forum – a great chance for students to record their ideas in a traditional looking form, but with the benefits of online, web 2.0.

    A great site for little people to bring photos alive and to create personal voice with a 2D image!

    . . . and of course a little blog that aims to keep teachers informed with a collection of online tools that excite teachers and kids to extend their learning opportunities . . . 🙂 http://mylittlespace.edublogs.org

  3. http://www.edutopia.org

    This is good place for those who want to do some ‘big picture’ thinking and rethink how education is experienced. Teaching is evolving, from the possessors of knowledge to facilitators. The motto, developed in recent years holds true; Empower, Enhance and Inspire.

    • Thanks Maureen, your contributions are always so valuable.
      I will send you a great link I cam across on Monday. take care.

  4. There are so many fantastic resources and site for teachers out there. One that I would recommend for every classroom teacher is http://www.electrocity.co.nz/
    This website is a great little game about tourism and environmental issues in New Zealand, but what I think is really important is that it’s an excellent example of what is capable of in the realms of online learning. Although simple, the game actually develops a complex understanding of the issues at hand in a way that is enjoyable, interactive and intelligent.

  5. http://www.catchmentdetox.net.au/

    Hi Mark,
    This is an interactive game / learning tool that forces the user to think about the consequences of an action. (For every action there is an aqual and opposite reaction!). By managing this catchment it forces mathematical and scientific thinking by assessing the economic, environmental and cultural affects of a single action. Probable not suitable for students younger than 8/9 but it I think that it would be a good site to use as a class, with the teacher to mediate the options for the catchment. It shows that there is an interaction between social and economic and that there is a distinct flow-on effect to the environment. Sometimes short term gain has dramatic and irreversible results. It is time limited to 100 actions approx so it would be useful as a study tool for a term or so as a class.
    With my training i am obviously bias with the topic, but this is a growing area, and in the future everyone will need to have a concept of the footprint they can leave on the environment!
    Stewart Mc

    • Stewart, this is an awesome link and I can’t describe how pleased I was to see your name pop up! I am running this site as a sandpit testing ground for the environment currently in preproduction for principals all over Australia. Isnt it interesting on the map on the front page where people are visiting from.
      I have directly sent your link to my sustainability education focus schools in WA, SA and NT.
      Thanks again
      Ive tweeted a thanks out to via the twitter.com/sparvell

  6. TakingITGlobal for Educators! http://www.tiged.org
    Lots of free global education resources, a vibrant community of globally-minded educators to connect and collaborate with, and excellent professional development courses in global education and global project-based learning: pd.tiged.org
    Kate 🙂

    • Earlier this year I completed a short course through TIGED PD ‘Introduction to Global Education’ and it was incredibly powerful and worthwhile! Recommended.

  7. Michel from Austria sends via email:
    I frequently use the following website http://www.schule.at . It is a website that includes all subjects that are taught at Austrian schools. It offers general information on various subjects and also a vast collection of links referring to these subjects. I personally go to news sites mostly in order to get the latest information on various English speaking countries. I mainly focus on environment, politics and education.

  8. http://prezi.com/ for it’s ability to be applied as a collaboration and presentation tool with unlimited potential. The Prezi desktop option has made this tool a worthwhile addition to the classroom with limited or poor internet connection. I like Prezi for how it’s application to the classroom is open ended, creating critical thinkers.

    Dominic Taylor
    Beerwah State School
    Queensland, Australia

  9. Michelle from US has suggested this via email

    Here is a blog from an outstanding professor which is just starting up….watch it — he is good– and you all are on par with each other professionally and you will enjoy the conversation! Hope all is well with you!



  10. Edmodo (http://www.edmodo.com/). A fantastic free social learning tool that has been broadly adopted in many NSWDEC primary and high schools.

    Students use Edmodo to communicate with their teacher and with each other, post work including work created using web 2.0 tools. Most embed easily into edmodo, respond to polls, feedback on peers work, reflect on own work, access assignments and submit them for marking, collaborate and communicate on group tasks (there is a small group feature – a group w/in a group) and much more.

    Teachers use Edmodo for managing project based learning, communicating with students, homework activities, connecting with other classes from around the world, professional development and sharing by joining any of the communities online, as a rss reader, a library of digital resources and sharing these resources and much, much more.

    This tool allows the classroom to expand beyond the 4 walls and promoted any time, any where, any place learning.


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