Education for a Knowledge Based World: A Solution

I’ve been think about the knowledge economy and the ways we position our students to develop the skills to both make a living and also to be happy in a probable future where knowledge work  and the development of innovative knowledge products will be the cornerstone of economic, social and political development.

If we know that students will need to be able to engage in authentic collaboration (ie where there are shared substantive decisions), to construct knowledge (ie that is new to them), engage in in extended project based learning and use current and emerging online spaces andtechnologies , then , how do we start?

I’m going to be blogging aout the design process for an novelty APP.

3 Months ago I knew nothing about this process…now , if you returned me to a school, it would be a mandatory learning designencounter for everyone.

Stay tuned for the insights.

Here is the product…it’s the learning process behind it that can be applied across every year level and class.


Check out this application on the App Store:

Cover Art


Sparvell (

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Updated: 05 Sep 2012

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