Uniform Architecture vs Chaos of Choice




This is what has been drifting in and around my conscious mind this week- I’m assuming I wouldnt even be aware of what is drifting around my unconscious mind anyway…this may be a good thing or maybe not? I was reading in the last year a book (possibly Blink) which explored the impact of our unconscious thinking upon our conscious actions and……that’s for another time!
Back on track.
I’ve been reflecting on a side conversation that I was engaged with in a meeting of minds earlier this week. The ’round table’ had been discussing the exponential growth of online spaces and places that educators have the choice of engaging with.
I may have said (or possibly creatively edited the memory to position myself in the best possible light) that it was like walking through a field of flowers and marvelling at the many colours, stages of maturity yet, unable to discern which were weeds, which were edible, which were toxic.
Bad Things?   Is the continued exponential growth of professional learning spaces, courses, places, communities, toolkits, portfolios and resoures a bad thing? Does it matter that these ‘solutions’ grow unheeded in the fertile online soils to be tested in the dynamic environment? Will a Dawinian logic apply to these organisms in the digital ecosystem and a ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ and evolutionary processes of adaption occur?
Could unlimited and unfetted opportunity result in a thinly distributed professional cohort in ‘spaces’ which never reach the critical mass of numbers and contributions to really develop a contributive online community of practice. 
Should an organisation determine the preferred online space and place for its membership to develop its community of practice or should the organisation seek to lever the benefit of exploration and expansion of the online spaces.
I’m not sure if I’ve articulated my ponderings that well this week.
But, it’s just what’s on my mind. Mark     


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