Learning and Thriving in a Hyper Connected World

Research in Practice seminars: Learning and Thriving in a hyper-connected world

Nicked from the BLOG by Ray Fleming

Microsoft/PAI - Research in Practice Seminars

The Principals Australia Institute and the Microsoft Australia Education team are collaborating on a series of breakfast briefings around Australia from mid-March to early April, as part of PAI’s established Research in Practice series. The series puts principals and educators in touch with the latest educational research findings, and the next breakfast briefings focus on 21st Century learning.


In this time of exponential change and opportunity – what does it take to lead and inspire quality learning?

Mark Sparvell from Principals Australia Institute, and Sean Tierney from Microsoft, will explore:

  • Latest trends in technology in 21st century learning
  • Research findings on how educators can thrive in the midst of rapid technological change
  • How to avoid common pitfalls associated with integrating technology in schools
  • The transformations required in learning design to deliver the best outcomes for our students
  • What leaders and learners need to embrace to become active and resilient contributors to our knowledge-based society.

All participants will gain insights, practical strategies, networking opportunities and an invitation to explore ideas beyond this session.

This series is for School Leaders, which includes Principals and others within the school community who have a whole-school leadership role.

By running the event as a breakfast briefing from 7:30-10AM, it means that you get an opportunity to update yourself without having to leave school for a whole day. And it’s perfectly timed to help with your strategic planning from a teaching, learning and technology perspective.

Venues and dates for the third PAI Research in Practice series

These professional development seminars cost $65 including breakfast. You can book now for the briefings in:

Make a dateMake a date: Find out more on the Principals Australia website

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