What Leadership and Frogger have in common


Friends- this is a first draft – feel free to leave comments and help me shape something better

Little did I realize that when I first played Frogger as a 15 year old, I was being imprinted with valuable lessons about leadership.

Frogger (フロッガー) is a 1981 arcade game developed by Konami and licensed for North American distribution by Sega-Gremlin.

As a rookie, you focus on the goal directly in-front of you, wait for the first obvious gap and then dash wildly ahead towards that goal…we all know how that goes. Remember, a mistake is only an error if you keep doing it.

Many folk then play the ‘lining up the ducks’ or in this case moving traffic, they scoot up and down the roadside watching patterns, looking for predictable behaviors and trying to force rules of logic on elements which are randomly generated. Those floating and sinking crocks don’t float and sink at the same time or rate…they’re random.

I love it when someone has made the wrong call, moved in front of a truck but refuses to accept this and continues to run, one step in front of the truck until they are inevitably squashed. Sometimes stepping back is ok providing its to allow you to move forward….there’s a timer running in the game for those special people who like to play safe.

Then there are those who love there nerve right at the end after they have navigating the logs, the crocs and the cars. All they have to do is close the deal but they hesitate, they doubt their ability, their timing, their progress and they hit the wall.

The winners, well, they read the conditions. They know the predictable and accept the unpredictable making adjustments (sometimes strategically withdrawing, sometimes pushing ahead earlier) to minimize the harm. The champs know when to rest a moment and take a ride using the momentum, when to restore and they do not lose their nerve when success is inevitable.

The winner see’s a screen of opportunities with multiple moving pathways to the insect cave, the others see a pathway filled with obstacles to overcome.

The loser sees life as avoiding Game Over

The winner sees life as finding Game On.

. Oh you can play an online unauthorized version at www.frogger.net just incase you need something to distract you.


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