School Leader Hacks (Saving Time)


Saving time is important because in our frantically busy school lives, information isn’t the scarce resource, attention is!

We need as much time as we can extract to ensure we remain present, focus on relational leadership and attend to the things that matter most.

I invite you to add your leadership time hack to this comment or tag me on twitter @sparvell and I will include your ideas.

As a profession we are simply ‘better together’


As a head teacher, when I had the inevitable mountain of emails to respond to, cheques to sign and other cumbersome paperwork, I would place a table, chair and my Surface in any public area in the school and simply work.

I would work in the courtyard as students arrived to school.

I would work in the staffroom.

I would work in the art room.

I got the mindless work done. I was visible and accessible. I also ‘showed’ that the work of a school leader has a substantial administrative function.


Stay Tuned for no. 2



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