Successful leadership in challenging circumstances

8 Strategies for improvement

6 Questions to challenge yourself

makingthe difference.PNG


These are the 8 areas in which research suggests leaders of schools in challenging circumstances can make a real difference.

  1. Focus on learning and teaching
  2. Generate positive relationships
  3. Provide a clear vision and high expectations
  4. Improve the physical environment
  5. Provide time and opportunities for collaboration
  6. Distribute leadership and build teams
  7. Engage the community
  8. Evaluate and innovate


And the key questions for each of these:

  1. In our school, what do we do already?
  2. What else could we do?
  3. What should we stop doing?
  4. Why are these changes important?
  5. What impact will they have on learning?
  6. How will we know?



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