Don’t bring your dirty learning to school!

What is dirty learning?

I think of this as the opposite experience to what is packaged and delivered in many schools.

When I think of this kind of learning I think of-

  1. Self regulated by the learner. Emotion is the gatekeeper of cognition here.
  2. Unstructured.
  3. Not bound by time
  4. Fluid socialization
  5. Non-linear
  6. Rapid design sprints. They call it play/ mucking around/ testing/ trying/ exploring
  7. Sometimes without obvious purpose (other than amusement/ distraction)

Many young students arrive at school having normalized the use of digital to learn through, to build with, to communicate and to make sense of the world. They do not separate their digital experiences from their real-world experiences, they are just experiences.

They may find themselves immersed in a world of linear analogue learning and one where their experiences, knowledge, skills and wonder are not invited.

The dirty learning has to happen before 8am and after 320pm


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