What do I want to be when I leave school?

Ah! The external question. Yes it’s fine for gurus’ to say the question should be ‘What change do I want to make in the world?’…but this is a great additional resource for educators and parents- it won’t provide all the answers but it might generate some useful questions.


This is an awesome 100% Free tool which uses machine intelligence to match you against 800 possible careers.


Explore yourself and careers.

XQ (The SuperSchool Project) has partnered with Sokanu to help students learn what careers are the best fit with what makes them unique.

Take the career test and find your compatibility with over 800 careers.

They measure five dimensions of who you are

After signing up you’ll be taken directly to the career assessment which measures your unique background, interests, skills preferences, preferred work environment, and personality . Their recommendations improve in real-time as you answer more questions. Finish the short assessment in one sitting, or log back in at any time and get results at your own pace.

Ready to find your perfect career?



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