Motivation-Learning and Behaviour

Define it. Describe it. Ideas for the classroom.

How Motivation Affects Learning and Behavior

The term motivation is derived from the Latin verb movere (to move).

Motivation may be described as a state that energizes, directs and sustains behavior

Motivation has several effects on students’ learning and behavior.

  • Motivation directs behavior toward particular goals.
  • Motivation leads to increased effort and energy. 
  • Motivation increases initiation of and persistence in activities.
  • Motivation affects cognitive processes.
  • Motivation determines which consequences are reinforcing and punishing.
  • Motivation often enhances performance.

From TeachHub

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Students 

Edited from:



1. Praise Students in Ways Big and Small


2. Expect Excellence


3. Spread Excitement Like a Virus


4. How to Motivate Students: Mix It Up


5. Assign Classroom Jobs

, etc.

6. Hand Over Some Control


7. Open-format Fridays


8. Relating Lessons to Students’ Lives


9. Track Improvement


10. Reward Positive Behavior Outside the Classroom





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