EdTech: Neither Good or Evil- Just a thing

Quick thoughts that fell out of my head while responding to an email- planting them here.

I think the whole ‘future of learning, work and society will be profoundly social’ is important and that young people need these deeper level social skills an emotional capabilities to successfully navigate. OECD research shows these are not fixed and can be taught even later in life. When social-emotional skills are intentionally taught, their benefits for the individual can reach 18 years into the future!


Technology, levered the right way can

  • support self regulatory behaviours,
  • provide opportunities for young people to explore identity,
  • drive civic and social activism,
  • connect young people to learning that is relevant and purposeful….

and it can do the opposite.  


It can

  • be a device of addiction,
  • can distort self image and normalize inappropriate, unethical conduct,
  • can create division and victimize,
  • can hijack learning and depower.


This is where teachers, who know their curriculum and how to teacher  and  know their learners and how they learn play a pivotal role in leveraging technology at the right moments as do significant adults outside of school.



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