Life Between The Numbers

Welcome to the recording of the “Life Between the Numbers: Data & Analytics to Advance Achievement & Equity” webinar 


Why this session matters


For many education leaders, creating actionable intelligence from data is a new skill.

In this 4th industrial revolution, the ability to make better decisions, faster decisions against a backdrop of complexity and ambiguity is now essential for leading transformation across schools and districts. …equally important is how we create the conditions where learning flourish’s and use data and analytics to validate these approaches.


In this webinar, Dr Phil Neufeld, executive director, information technology, Fresno Unified School District, , is joined by colleague Ryan Coe, Vice Principal in the Curriculum and Instruction Department with Dr. Maria Langworthy, director of worldwide education research, Microsoft Corporation

In this session Ryan Maria and Phil will detail the Fresno 2-year personalized learning initiative, a project which is now delivering statistically significant results.

The Team will cover the following:

The pedagogical model used to foster a collaborative learning culture anchored in student agency.

  • The impacts of this approach on thousands of students over two years.
  • The elements which work that anyone can leverage in their work.

Thank you for attending  This webcast is now on-demand, should you like to view it again. The PowerPoint presentation is available for download here.

Use the link below to enter the webcast at me.


The PowerPoint presentation is available for download here.

Get the report

Here is the link to the related report: Enabling Analytics for Improvement: Lessons from Year 2 of Fresno’s Personalized Learning Initiative


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