LIVE FIVE – Things you need to know


My Top 5 live for Monday A

Topic focus: Social and Emotional Skills

  1. Today: DonorsChoose releases its 2018 classroom funding data- our Class of 2030 research found teachers wanted to spend more time on Social-Emotional Learning but lacked time and resources



2.      Today: Education Week: Top 10 Topics Everyone should be talking about -be    surprised about how many are related to social and emotional skills.

Get the scoop here

3.       Last Week:  Oftsed – The UK Office of Standards in Education announced fundamental changes to how they measure quality schools to include how students interact, the social expression of emotional intelligence.


4.        Jan 18th Aspen Institute (US) published a significant report , the National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development   (note the intentional inclusion of academic)


5.       Microsoft Education, The tech giant, brings for the second year, the  topic of social and emotional skill prioritization into the heart of one of the worlds largest education technology conferences with a lead keynote Emotion and Cognition in the Age of AI which builds on 2018’s, Class of 2030




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