My Top-Five Edu-Live for Monday 18th Feb


My Top 5 Edu-live for Monday 18th Feb

The things that caught my biased eye since last week.


  1. RESEARCH How does the time children spend using digital technology impact their mental well-being, social relationships and physical activity?   Unicef 2017      

Super interesting evidence-focused literature review. In summary, moderate use of digital technology tends to be beneficial for children’s mental well-being, while no use or too much use can have a small negative impact. The evidence reviewed suggests mostly positive outcomes from using edigital technology in terms of children’s social relationships- to an extent that consensus may be said to exist.

Get your research geek on here


2. INSIGHTS: Decoding the teenage brain   New technologies are shedding light on what really makes adolescents tick—and providing clues on how we might reach them better. From Edutopia, read the full article here


“Social and emotional learning programs that show adolescents “how to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and consider other people’s feelings” can have positive effects on executive functions more generally, improving focus and self-discipline, and setting teenagers up for academic and professional success well beyond high school.”




3. ACTIVE LEARNING SPACES + EDTECH Our Flagship School partner Steelcase produces excellent research around active learning spaces and learning design. This recent post caught my attention. The Institut International de Lancy (IIL) is integrating active learning and technology to create a campus that reflects life outside of school. See how partnering with Steelcase Education @Leigh Cresswell helped IIL design classrooms that break the traditional mold and are preparing students for the future.


Full details here

Nothing dramatic here but a good introduction. If you are interested in the concept of Active Learning Spaces, check out:

        3. Or my sloppy out-of-date internal OneNote Learning Space Design Principles and Practice  (Web view)

classroom version 2

  1. VIDEO: OECD’s Andreas Schleicher on the world’s best education systems

In December, ExcelinEd hosted a thousand state and national policymakers, education leaders and advocates at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform (#EIE18). Today, we’re releasing videos of our keynote featuring Andreas Schleicher



  1. EDUCATION TO EMPLOYMENT: Designing a system that work (McKinsey)

Including an analysis of more than 100 education-to-employment initiatives from 25 countries, selected on the basis of their innovation and effectiveness. Plus, a survey of youth, education providers, and employers in nine countries that are diverse in geography and socioeconomic context: Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Get it here


Past editions of the LIVEFIVE on my blog

See you in around


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