What are your main challenges with remote teaching?

500 teachers responded to this question in a Global Educator Collective on FB.

Skype 2

1.Continued engagement/ attendance/ motivation was by far the most identified challenge. Many noting as time goes by a decrease in participation, completion and quality. Distraction by digital was flagged e.g. social media.

2.Submitting empty doc/ not submitting this was the next largest and was related also to incomplete or inadequate work being submitted.

3.Communicating with parents/ supporting parents to understand how and when to support this was reflected with parents appearing not to be supporting the students when required or ‘buying in’ to excused made by students for non-completion etc

4. Time taken in prep for teachers felt they were spend a large amount of time learning new tools, creating content and as a result were feeling burnt-out, tired and fatigued.

5. No assessment/ difficulty assessing/ grading  many tied this to motivation with students have ‘optional’ engagement, receiving ‘standard passing grades’. Other talked about difficulty tracking submissions across platforms, grading or providing feedback on digital content or simply knowing who was where, doing what and when. A number noted ‘cheating’ as a concern.

Kids with no device or access this remains a constant stress for teachers who worry about students and ‘doing a good job’ for all students.


Other comments/ challenges

I feel like I’m failing not providing the high quality learning I usually do +1 (losing momentum +1  +1) +1 +1+1

Early years must have support +1

Kids, teachers and parents fatigued by communications

It feels cold, I like collaborating with colleagues

No ability to provide consequences for non participation

Hands-on learning difficult to structure

Students with additional learning needs (ELL, IEP,  Early Years_


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