Brief Bio: 

Mark Sparvell is an award winner educator with over 25 years experience.

Access the latest BIO and event schedule here

Access the latest BIO and event schedule here

Event Schedule

29th Jan 2020 Roundtable Knowledge Hook  ‘Future-Ready’  Panel Presenter 
5th Feb 2020 Keynote Catholic Education Brussels ‘Future of Work and Learning’  Keynote 
7th Feb 2020 Keynote Edu Day Genk, Belgium ‘Education Transformation’  Keynote 
11th May 2020 Keynote WE.ORG ‘Emotional Intelligence and the Future of Learning’  Keynote 
30th May 2020 Panel discussion ‘New Education Paradigms’, T4 Conference  Panel Presenter 
9th June 2002 Keynote ‘SEL’ for XREducation (in the ALT-space VR environment)  Keynote  
16th June 2020   Moderator Edweek Webinar  ‘Hybrid Learning’  Facilitator/ Presenter 
29th June 2020  Keynote ConnectEd Conference “Education Reimagined Keynote http://Aka.ms/ConnectEd    
7th July Keynote EdTech Festival Plenary Keynote bit.ly/2zHlddY 


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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Mark is a social, positive-critical principal with connections all over the world.
    His drive to help education shift to the next level has no limits and he works hard to achieve that.
    Mark is a treasure for education around the world.
    Mathijs ter Bork, teacher of the year 2010-2011 from the Netherlands

  2. It’s been an exciting journey watching Mark achieve so much over the 15 or so years that I’ve worked with him; we all knew from the first meeting that he was a guy that was ‘going places”. So pleased to have been able to work with him and learn from him when he was at my school.

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