21st Century PPD (NEW 2014)



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chat_iconOnline Spaces & Places: Introducing my 10 favourite classroom tested online tools for real time collaboration and sharing of thinking in public spaces for shared knowledge building. All the resources are packaged with ideas for real classroom teachers, video tutorials, real examples to explore , step-by-step guides and relevant links.

Many teachers I work with express a genuine desire to ‘get better with ICT’ in order to improve their teaching and learning programs….they just don’t know where to get started!

Lets be honest, it can seem completely overwhelming. Future-Teach-Learn is a new online self-paced course designed for teachers who want to explore new ways of connecting and collaborating using web 2.0 tools.

I have personally selected theseonline spaces and they have all been ‘field tested’ by real teachers in real classrooms (including my own). Each of the TOP TEN comes with a guiding learning task to help you get the most out of each activity.

The next Future-Teach-Learn courses currently being trialled ready for delivery include:

app-store-iconTAMING THE APPALANCHE: This 10 module course introduces teachers to iPad approaches using solid constrcutivist pedagogies and avoiding the sugar rush of pre-mixed content from commercial curriculum vendors. Let me show you how to BUILD LEARNING with iPads and not simply consume it!

Inquire here. Quote code AP2013

Research-2CONNECT ME WITH THE BIGGER STORY: This 10 module course introduces the professional teacher to MY READING LIST and unpacks the current research within Australia and oversears connected to 21st Century Learning. What is the research saying about innovation? What practical lessons and directions are being provided? This is the course if you want to know what is on the horizon…uncover amazing research and be in a position to smartly navigate your professional learning.

Inquire here. Quote code BS2013

eLearning_icon2LEARNING DESIGN FOR NOW: A google search for lesson plans brings up 109 MILLION results!!! What maks for contemporary lesson design. How do we shift our ‘best practice’ into ‘next practice’? What are the simple things any teacher can do on Monday morning to start to edge towards transformation?

Inquire here. Quote code LD2013

social-media-iconsSOCIAL SPACES: Find out all your answers here with a 10 module program built particularly with the needs of teachers in mind. Find out about ways of aggregating TWITTER streams and managing FACEBOOK Groups securely. Examine the amazing practice around Edmodo and have a walk through Yammer. If you want to FLIP your clasroom, you’re going to need a 24/7 space.

Inquire here. Quote code SS2013

teen-icon (2)TEACH TOMORROW: Find out about the Flipped Classroom revolution and what the potential benefits and pitfalls may be. Find out strategies for crowdsourced learning and place yourself right at the front of the pack in terms of personalised learning practices.

Inquire here. Quote code TTM2013

All courses are $70 AUD at time of publication.

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