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EdTech: Neither Good or Evil- Just a thing

Quick thoughts that fell out of my head while responding to an email- planting them here.

I think the whole ‘future of learning, work and society will be profoundly social’ is important and that young people need these deeper level social skills an emotional capabilities to successfully navigate. OECD research shows these are not fixed and can be taught even later in life. When social-emotional skills are intentionally taught, their benefits for the individual can reach 18 years into the future!


Technology, levered the right way can

  • support self regulatory behaviours,
  • provide opportunities for young people to explore identity,
  • drive civic and social activism,
  • connect young people to learning that is relevant and purposeful….

and it can do the opposite.  


It can

  • be a device of addiction,
  • can distort self image and normalize inappropriate, unethical conduct,
  • can create division and victimize,
  • can hijack learning and depower.


This is where teachers, who know their curriculum and how to teacher  and  know their learners and how they learn play a pivotal role in leveraging technology at the right moments as do significant adults outside of school.



Motivation-Learning and Behaviour

Define it. Describe it. Ideas for the classroom.

How Motivation Affects Learning and Behavior

The term motivation is derived from the Latin verb movere (to move).

Motivation may be described as a state that energizes, directs and sustains behavior

Motivation has several effects on students’ learning and behavior.

  • Motivation directs behavior toward particular goals.
  • Motivation leads to increased effort and energy. 
  • Motivation increases initiation of and persistence in activities.
  • Motivation affects cognitive processes.
  • Motivation determines which consequences are reinforcing and punishing.
  • Motivation often enhances performance.

From TeachHub

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Students 

Edited from:



1. Praise Students in Ways Big and Small


2. Expect Excellence


3. Spread Excitement Like a Virus


4. How to Motivate Students: Mix It Up


5. Assign Classroom Jobs

, etc.

6. Hand Over Some Control


7. Open-format Fridays


8. Relating Lessons to Students’ Lives


9. Track Improvement


10. Reward Positive Behavior Outside the Classroom





Ed Tech Trends 2018:




Keith Kruger


My personal answer is that our learning environment should allow learners to create their own personalized path, letting them dive deeper and think critically. It should enable creativity. It should enable collaboration. It should be equitably available and not create new divides. It should provide accessibility for all learners. And, it should be used in a way that is ethical and helps us understand each other better

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So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want! (Executive PD)

When was the last time you asked a group of District education leaders how they would like a full-days professional engagement to be delivered?

  • What will make it worth their time?
  • What will really annoy them?


I asked the question a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to share their collective voices.

What will make this  Leadership Workshop worth your time?
If using technology, link technology with how it is used in context- not a demo or walk through….just as part of the session flow.

Give me practical ideas to take back to the district not things I have to buy first.

I’d like to get some tools for data gathering or evaluation . I want to see recent relevant examples of successful and measurable change.
I want time to get to know the others in the room, their context, pain points and successes. I want opportunities to continue the conversation after the event.
I want more collaborative discussion regarding ed tech and innovation. Understand and connect w/ successes and struggles of others around positive change.


 I want to be motivated and I want examples.




What don’t you want?
I don’t want to sit and listen all day…I want interactivity. All participants said they were here to LEARN by talking, doing, thinking, sharing and reflecting.
I don’t want to be bored or leave ‘empty’…follow up with additional case studies, research and opportunities were promised.
I don’t want to be discouraged (note: Some approaches ‘problematize’ education and place people in a deficit frame of mind)
I don’t want sessions focused on specific products or a sales pitch (note: Some said ‘I don’t make purchasing decisions, I influence them)
I don’t want to be bored.


So, there you go!

If you don’t ask, you don’t know.