Are you new to 1:1 and not sure what questions to ask or what actions to take?

Or have you had a 1:1 initiative for 2, 3, or more years? If you have, are you achieving your 1:1 vision and goals? Do your teachers have a shared understanding of what these are?

Are your learners using their 1:1 devices to learn in ways they could not do before? Or are they using their laptops and tablets mainly for research – or not using them at all?

AALF’s new book, #AnytimeAnywhereLearners, is not only the best guide you can find for schools and districts starting a 1:1 initiative, but it’s also an INVALUABLE TOOL if you are a school that is already 1:1 and you recognize the need to revitalize your initiative. It will help you ask the questions you need to ask to ensure your students are getting the learning benefits you envisioned

AALF is making the Kindle (e-book) version of #AnytimeAnywhereLearners available on Amazon for FREE for 2 DAYS ONLY – June 1st and 2nd, 2016.* 

This is the complete book, not an abbreviated edition and is available to any school or school district that may benefit from this resource, whether they are AALF members or not. Please feel free to share this email with other educators who you believe will benefit from this offer.

REMEMBER THESE DATES: June 1st and June 2nd. 

Check out the #AnytimeAnywhereLearners website or click here or to learn more about the book and, on June 1st and 2nd, get your FREE E-BOOK. 


Susan and Bruce

Bruce Dixon, President

Susan Einhorn, Executive Director


Principal Network is an Online Community of Practice dedicated to educational leaders.
They provide the tools, resources and communication platforms to nurture, develop and sustain educational professionals internationally.  Filled with great content and the tools to build your own community. 

A community of practice for Principals, Administrators, Deputies, Assistants, Coordinators, Instructional Leaders and Aspiring Leaders who wish to drive educational change from within their schools.


2. A List of 16 Websites All Teachers Should Know About….Do You Agree?

Click here



3. What is happening across Australian education sectors by state and territory?


 4. A Bunch Of My Favorites’ From My Days As A Tech Teacher.

Some of these are now defunct…I’m slowly editing  (easy publishing of stunning magazines) (make online flashcards with audio) (web based sticky note tool)  (creative writing kick offs for kids)  (share your sounds…yes, its cool)  (build an argument- fascinating)  (it’s a wow moment…create fully engaging timelines) (check it out for yourself)
 Some Great Tools for use with Students with Disabilities

9 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Great article by Hermant Kogekar. Hermant is the principal of Kogekar Consulting.
    Article ran in CIO Summer 2011/2012 and was titled GOING UP?
    A nice refresher on delivering a ‘well articulated message’ covering basic questions:
    – describe your problem or solution
    – define our solution
    – describe the implementation plan and risks
    – what is required and is funding available
    – describe the support needed to ensure success
    – consolidate practice and deliver

    Keep the pitch concise and conversational.

  2. I generally don’t leave feedback, but your article is so good I had to. It actually provided me with a wonderful idea for my blog (same niche market as this one; a sub niche really). I’m going to
    give you a link to it as soon as I am finished, if you want
    of course.

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